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A special Map Shop has been set up at the Išnś Bookstore at Brautarholt 8 in Reykjavķk, where customers can browse the multitude of maps offered by Feršakort. All of the company’s new maps, as well as older maps published by the National Land Survey of Iceland, can be purchased either folded or flat. The store is open weekdays from 9-17 except Fridays when it closes at 16. Welcome. 


Touring Maps 1:250 000 - Section Maps of Iceland

A new edition of five touring maps that cover the country on a scale of 1:250 000, with shading  and contour lines at 50-m intervals, has been published. These maps contain a wealth of user-friendly road-system data and practical information, and are conveniently folded for easy use when travelling.


New edition 2013. 


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Map of the glaciers of Iceland

Overview map of Iceland“s glaciers, including named and unnamed ice masses. The map shows changes in glacier extent since the Little Ice Age maximum, around 1890, to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Also shown is the extent of glaciers around the middle of the twentieth century. The main subglacial volcanoes are illustrated on the map. Note that surge-type glaciers are denoted in a separate colour. Information with map in Icelandic, English, French and German.


Scale: 1:500 000

Published: 2013
Size: 84 x 119 cm
Languages: Icelandic, English, German and French
Price in IŠNŚ bookstore: kr. 2.855


Wall Maps Iceland 1:250 000, 1:350 000 and 1:500 000

Feršakort has published a high-quality general wall maps of Iceland in scale of 1:250 000, 1:350 000 og 1:500 000. The maps are in a number of sizes and versions: paper, laminated, framed magnetic-board and foam-board or on an aluminium board. The wall maps can be purchased in IŠNŚ Bookstore at Brautarholt 8.




Touring Map 1:500 000

The Touring Map on a scale of 1:500 000, the most popular and best-selling map of Iceland over the past 25 years, is regularly reviewed and updated. The map is on a single sheet (78 x 110 cm), and contains extensive information for travellers, for example about the road system, road distances and road numbers. The Touring Map is in conveniently folded, and includes a place-name index with over 3000 entries.


New edition 2013.



Road Atlases

Feršakort publish high-quality Map Book. The Road Atlas on a scale of 1:200 000 is an informative, large-format book with a spiral binding that can be folded into a box for easy handling when travelling. This road atlas is based on a map database on a scale of 1:250 000. In addition to 50 pages of road maps, the Road Atlas contains several theme maps covering accommodation, camping sites, museums, swimming pools and golf courses. Great travel companion.


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Special Maps

Special Maps cover well-known and popular tourist destinations in Iceland, and contain valuable information about landscapes, interesting sites and hiking and bridle paths. The best-known maps in this category are Hornstrandir, Hśsavķk-Mżvatn, Skaftafell, Westman Islands, Žórsmörk-Landmannalaugar and The Golden Circle - Gullfoss - Geysir - Žingvellir. The newest maps in this category, Snęfellsnes - Borgarfjöršur and Akureyri - Mżvatn - Hśsavķk - Įsbyrgi, have been released 2011. 


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World maps

Wide selection of maps from Maps international. World maps and maps of each continent. Many sizes and types including political and physical maps with flags of all countries.




About Ferdakort

Feršakort is a new brand name founded on a long-standing tradition of cartography and map publishing. Read more... 

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